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Why PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

One of the core Azure PaaS services is Azure App Services. Azure App Services provide multiple service types, each geared towards hosting your application or business logic for a specific use case. Additionally, the App Service types share common capabilities like auto-scaling, authentication and authorization and custom domains and SSL.
App Services is the best platform for anyone learning to use the cloud. And prices start from 0 (Free Tier F1) and Students can even use their Azure credits to run even more beefed-up services.  

Why Azure App Services

The polyglot platform nowadays runs .NETcore, PHP, Node, Ruby, Python, Java, etc.. But the most import feature comes from the way developers can specify their requirements in code and simply deploy the environment + code in a declarative way. The same service will help developers go from a simple FTP publish of a website to the full deployment of DOCKER images or Kubernets compositions of several micro-services.

One platform, one bill, many architecture styles

From workflow+rules (Logic Apps) to Serverless (Functions), to recurrent tasks (WebJobs), to containers (Docker), Azure App Services can host a multitude of applications:

  Web Apps Logic Apps Funtions Web Jobs
Host web applications and APIs X      
Host business logic workflows   X    
Host background tasks     X X
Scales automatically and only pay when it runs   X X  
Control scaling and pay a monthly fee X   X X

Azure App Service Migration Assistant

The Azure App Service Migration site and the tool can be utilized to migrate sites from Windows and Linux web servers to Azure App Service. As part of the migration the tool will create Web Apps and databases on Azure if needs be, publish content and publish your database.

Continuous Integration pipelines from Github

Continuous Delivery is a great option for projects that require multiple and frequent contributions to be integrated. Continuous Delivery in Team Services simplifies setting up a robust deployment pipeline for your app to publish the most recent updates to Azure App Service. The pipeline can be configured to build, runs tests, and deploy to a staging slot and then to production.

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