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Alberto Sampaio

I teach in the Informatics Engineering Department of the Engineering school (www.isep.ipp.pt) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto for more than 20 years. Before that I spent a few years in the software industry. I was already a member of the Pedagogical Council of my school and the coordinator of the International Relations of my department for about 10 years. I am a member of the Portuguese sectorial committe responsible for analysing SE and IS documents produced by the JTC1/SC7 from ISO/IEC. I cooperate with the software engineering community in general (for example SWEBOK, ESPICE). Furthermore, I collaborate with some scientific events. I'm also the author of a few papers and 2 books.

My main current research interests are on software quality, empirical research, software evolution and software engineering education. Some reasons for these interests: in software, in general, people accept each new idea/fashion as a salvation. Too many people never read F. Brooks or Watts Humphrey and too many people ignore scientific scrutiny. So, are we really educating engineers?

I appreciate all that, but there is more than that, much more. During my free times I enjoy to be with the family, to read and to run a little, especially on the trails.

An important standard in software engineering:
            IEEE 1062-2015 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Acquisition

Sport news: http://rr.sapo.pt/bolabranca

Sport Blog: http://visaodemercado.blogspot.pt

A site for cinema fans (in Portuguese): Mundo do Cinema

Books (in Portuguese)

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(1st ed. 1998)           (1st ed. 2007)
(4th ed. 2005)

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